jio to airtel port number | How to port Jio to Airte

airtel to jio port charges, jio to airtel port number | How to port Jio to Airte

If you want to know about jio to airtel port number, then let us tell you that you can port jio to airtel sim by sending sms to 1900, what is the process of porting from jio to airtel.

jio to airtel port number

Porting an existing SIM card under MNP service is a very simple process.  All users have to do is send an SMS request to their telecom provider to port the Jio SIM to the Airtel SIM.  Here are a few steps to help you send a porting request to your telecom provider.

How to port Jio to Airte

  • First of all open the Messages app on your mobile.
  • Now by clicking on the plus icon, enter the PORT space and mobile number and send a message request to 1900.
  • Once the message is delivered, you will receive an SMS with a UPC code against your porting request.
  • Once you receive the SMS with your UPC, visit your nearest Airtel Store.
  • After this the shopkeeper will ask you for your documents. After the document verification, you will have to pay the portability fee.
  • After doing this whole process, the store operator will provide you with a new Airtel SIM card.

airtel to jio port charges

Above we have known the way of porting, when it comes to the cost of getting SIM ported, then you may have to pay a maximum porting fee of Rs 19 for porting from Jio to Airtel.

After this the process of porting may take from five days to a week.  After that you can use airtel sim in mobile.

jio to airtel port number, How to port Jio to Airtel, airtel to jio port charges

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