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Meta full form facebook | Meta full form

Meta full form facebook | Meta full form

Let us know about the meta full form Facebook, the world's famous social media platform including India, Facebook has decided to change its name to Meta.  In such a situation, the company's owner i.e. CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that we do not want to limit Facebook only to the social media platform. That's why we need to give Facebook a new name for it, so that the world can understand what we are doing and for what.

Meta full form facebook

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, meta in Greek means beyond limits. So the purpose of changing the company's name from Facebook to Meta is to take it far beyond social media platforms into a virtual world.

what does metaverse mean

Metaverse means a virtual world in which people sitting in their rooms can do different things simultaneously in different avatars in other places. The name of this new world of Internet is Metaverse.

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