in which hotel indian cricket team stay in kolkata | In which hotel Indian cricket team stay in Kolkata today

It is a logical challenge for the organizers of any cricket series or IPL to make the right arrangements for the safety of the players as they have to keep in mind various things related to the players.  One of the important things that needs to be arranged without any hassle is choosing the right hotel for the players to stay in which the teams will stay.  IPL is organized in India in 8 cities of the country.  However, last year the IPL was not possible in India, so it was organized in the UAE.  But now the next season of IPL has to be done in India itself.  If any such match is held in Kolkata city, whether it is IPL or ODI match, then a question definitely comes in your mind that "In which hotel of Kolkata does the Indian cricket team stay", so let's know the player tournament in Kolkata.  During which hotel do you stay?

In which hotel does the Indian cricket team stay in Kolkata?

ITC Sonar Bangla - As the location suggests, ITC Sonar Bangla or 'Golden Bengal' is an ITC hotel in Kolkata that hosts the Kolkata Knight Riders and visiting teams at the Eden Gardens.  This hotel is as luxurious as any other hotel in India and some of its amenities are considered to be the best as compared to other hotels in the city of Kolkata.  The spa is a particular favorite for cricketers who line up for a treatment, especially after a hard day on the field.  In the past this hotel used to be the place where KKR owner Shah Rukh Khan used to have some wild partying in the city.

In which hotel Indian cricket team stay in Kolkata today
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